The SUPRA x Rothco Pack

It's sceneries like this that keep me in California. This location wasn't even 30 minutes from my house but it looks worlds away. That's why it was a perfect spot to film the SUPRA X Rothco collaboration. Unfortunately, it was very windy so we couldn't get a drone shot for the opening scene. Instead, we perched high up on a rock and shot it. It was still windy when we filmed the closing scene but master drone pilot, Bill Allegar, wasn't going home without a shot so he went for it and succeeded. Nothing was what we expected but we made it happen anyway. Notice that the drone's attached GoPro is not a wide angle lens. Bill did some surgery and customized his GoPro with a straight lens providing a unique look for the CM.

Bill Allegar (Aerial Cinematographer)

Date: December 2014 Client: SUPRA Footwear and Rothco Role: DIRECTOR / EDITOR / VIDEOGRAPHER / SOUND / COLOR / TREATMENT URL: