The Berrics "In Transition" with Tom Remillard

I used to do a lot of follow filming back in the early to mid 2000's but once I smashed my knee cap, it kind of ended there. Then I got an opportunity to film this "In Transition" piece for The Berrics. By chance, when I got the call, I had just removed all the metal holding my knee cap together and was rehabbing and skating everyday. I hadn't felt that strong in a long time and  was up to the challenge. 

 It wasn't easy. I drove about 5 hours every weekend from LA to San Diego and back for 4 months straight sleeping on Tom's short couch. Not to mention, Washington St. is very hard to skate and it took me about 3 weekends just to be able to skate it right. Some weekends I came home with 3 shots and some weekends I came home with nothing. One time, a guy dropped in on me while I was at full speed and our heads collided…head on. He got the worst of it but it sucked nonetheless. 

As difficult as it was I don't regret doing it. I felt great satisfaction in dusting off some old skills and realizing that I still got it as long as I put forth the effort. 

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Date: October 2014 Client: The Berrics Role: DIRECTOR / EDITOR / VIDEOGRAPHER / SOUND / COLOR / TREATMENT URL: