Sean Malto "elpmis" Episode 1

Sean Malto above everything else wanted to be like the pros, but even so, there's something to be said about navigating a successful career path through skateboarding, something virtually impossible to anticipate or define. One day you're skating neighborhood spots with your older brothers and before you know it the local shop is sponsoring you, sending your tape to a premier brand who turns you pro before your 20th birthday. For Malto, it all began in a small suburban town just 23-miles outside of Kansas City, at the home of 6-year old Sean. His home life and early skatehood reveal how a humble helmet wearing teenager from Leavenworth, Kansas, was able to turn his dream into a reality. It might sound simple, but it's everything but simple. In fact, it's ELPMIS with Sean Malto.

Date: 9/2/16 Client: The Berrics / Mountain Dew Role: Editor URL: